I’m getting ready to do a HUGE Kevin Henkes post on Friday…

and to prepare for that, I thought I would share a super embarrassing letter that I wrote 4 years ago, to the man himself.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Dear Mr. Henkes,

I wrote you a couple of years ago telling you how much I
admired your work. I am writing again to tell you the same thing along with
more of my praises. Working at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California has
only increased my liking of your books. However, I must say that I am mostly
fond of your mouse books, since they were the first ones I was introduced to as
a child. Working here I have discovered Penny and have grown to love her
dearly. I have made shelf talkers for all of her books and have hand sold them
frequently. I also got her to be on our summer reading program this summer.
Your illustrations are beautiful and that is the first thing I rave about when
telling a customer about your books. The first book of yours I ever received
was “Julius the Baby of the World”, for my mother’s baby shower for my little
brother. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love that book. When I was in
second grade I read it to my class. However, my favorite will always be “Chrysanthemum
(even though my favorite mouse will always be Lilly). Recently, I just found
out that it was published September 16th, 1991, which is the day
after my birthday! “Chrysanthemum” is just so sweet and beautiful. Actually all
of your books are, which is why I choose to recommend them so much. They are
and continue to be so true to how children really feel and act. I am currently
reading an ARC of “The Year of Billy Miller” and the same can be said about
that book as well. The purpose of this letter, although it is in fact a fan
letter, is to tell you how much I wish you would tour more. I am 21 years old
now, yet if you were to come to Vroman’s to do a meet and greet, it would truly
be the best day ever (not just a “Good Day” haha).  If you couldn’t come to Vroman’s it would be
really cool if you could tour somewhere in the LA area so that I could meet
you.  Furthermore, I understand if you
are done with touring but I bet I could get a good crowd going if you were to
visit this area. Thank you so much for writing all your wonderful picture

I wish you all the best,

Jen Pino

Twitter: @jenapino (You should get one!)



Welp. Now you know why my blog title is what it is. You also have gotten to view baby #JenInTheBookstore ❤

Look out for my Kevin Henkes post on Friday, for #FaveFridays!


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