I wanted to introduce you all to a new project that my friends Ashlee, Sujey and I are starting. 

In the video above, you can hear most of our plan, but I will reiterate here for those of you not familiar with instagram challenges.

Basically, you can follow us on instagram @innocencewild (Me), @ashleekittycreates (Ashlee) & @su.hey (Sujey) to see our progress every day, OR check back here, to see it approximently once a week.

Everyday we will be practicing our lettering as well as writing kind things to one another. We will then put these words or phrases into our #ChooseKindJars.

Whenever the jar is full, or when it’s the end of the year (whichever comes first), we will exchange them. 

Reasons we are doing this:

1. We LOVE Wonder by R.J. Palacio. 

2. We couldn’t let these beautiful jars go to waste.

3. We just started learning how to letter (faux calligraphy, typography etc.) and we thought thay this would be a good way to practice.

4. Why NOT spread some kindness around?? We encourage you to make your own #ChooseKindJars and join us on our journey!

You can purchase all books by R.J. Palacio below:


Auggie & Me

365 Days of Wonder

Thank you for reading! ❤


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