Starting TOMORROW, in Vroman’s Event Space, we are having our Annual Clearance Sale! This will go on until Monday evening.

The titles and gifts featured, never see the sales floor (once they are marked clearance)… UNTIL this very special Summertime sale! Some, have slight damage, some are old, and others we just have too much of!
As a bookseller, I LOVE this sale. Being around books and gifts everyday, when you are a book lover is HARD. This sale gives me a chance to get titles that I have had to pass up in the past. The reason for this is, THE PRICE.

Many books and gifts are marked WAY DOWN (up to 75% off). Then on top of that, Vroman’s offers you another 40% off discount. Check out some the deals below and come by this weekend to see them in person!

Children’s Books (including this year’s Newbery & Caldecott)!

Graphic Novels!


Scarves, shirts and bags!


Fan favorites!


Animals, Nature & Cooking!

Fashion, Art & More!

We really hope you all can make it out! I KNOW you will find something to love. I myself, have my eye on about 10 items. 😉

See you this weekend!

❤ Jen in the Bookstore


2 thoughts on “VROMAN’S ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE 7/14-7/17!

  1. Naida Pino says:

    I’m so proud of you for the way you write (my editor father would be, too,) and how excited you get about the books! I understand completely your desire to own the books.

    Liked by 1 person

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