Outliers Colour Outside Da Lines

Hello Everyone! Today’s post is by my good friend, Rique. Read on to see how Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell affected him.

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What’s Hatnin? (Hello How are You)

I go by the name of R33kz (Riqs) and I am a low-key, secluded, and off beat individual, who happens to read sometimes. Actually I am lying. I don’t know how to read, I just understand shapes, so some of the letters that form words make sense to me sometimes. Sounds weird right? If you don’t think it does, than your probably a lil off beat too. It’s okay to be different thooo because Malcolm Gladwell has written a book called “Outliers” that explains why anyone who is different is considered to be an Outlier and that it’s cool to be one.

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This book was too aktive rell (really good man), because it can be a confidence booster for anyone who ever felt like an outcast, or felt like they way they are doing things wouldn’t grant them the path to success. In fact, most of the outliers mentioned that they had different approaches to achieving success. Those individuals did not get there easily & had to work really hard to achieve their success.

The overall summary of the book is that Genius is over-rated. Success is not just about innate ability. It’s combined with a number of key factors such as opportunity, meaningful hard work (10,000 hours to gain mastery), and your cultural legacy. Random factors of chance, such as when and where you were born can influence the opportunities you have as well.

With that said if your feeling like you got the Sauce I would suggest you head down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and get it Poppin! Once you find out how to work hard and follow your path, you gone be Gucci.

Shout to J. Pino showing luv on her blog.

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Rique, (R33kz or Riqs) is a creative director. He is 67 years young-not really, but he has an old soul. He doesn’t know how to read, but understands some words sometimes. He is from Pasadena CA, aka Dena. His hobbies include: sunset searches for coins on the beach with metal detectors, basket weaving, & crocheting. His passions are fashion, art, and design. Last but not least, he wants you to know that, “You got the sauce, but remember not to get lost in the sauce wise words.”


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