Help Houston-Book Lovers Edition


By now you have probably seen multiple posts on how you can help Houston, TX. This is AMAZING! Our communities are coming together and helping out those who really need it, which is just awesome. If you have already donated, or sent goods: like clothes, or food, YOU are ANGELS. However, if you are still looking for ways to give, the book world (and kid-lit world especially), are doing some pretty cool things! See below for more info.

First, I would like alert you to the fact that my beautiful store, Vroman’s, is donating part of their proceeds to Houston- THIS WEEKEND though Monday. They are also hosting a letter drive and blood drive on Wednesday. You can see a break down of it all here:

relief for houston

Next, I would like to talk about Children’s Book Author, Kate Messner. Earl, over at The Chronicles of a Children’s Book Writer, sums it up very nicely on his blog.  However, I would like to talk about Kate’s efforts here as well. According to her August 27th website posting, 5 years ago, the kid lit community came together to raise over 35,000 during Superstorm Sandy. The way that they did this, was for authors and illustrators to offer up their time or goods, for auction. All proceeds, going to Sandy victims. She decided to bring Kid Lit Cares back for a second time, when Harvey hit. It warms my heart to see that there are 201 items up for auction at the time of this posting.

One of the best and most important things that I loved from her auction site reads:

A note about last-minute bidding: Please consider making your highest bid early instead of waiting. Two reasons for this… #1 – This isn’t Ebay. It’s a community auction hosted on an author’s blog. Websites can crash, especially in high traffic times, and if you wait, you may find that your bid doesn’t post before the end time. And #2 – Our end game here is raising money for people whose lives have been devastated. Early, robust bidding is the best way to do that. Thanks!

It looks like most of the bidding ends on September 7th, but some may end before that. I want to thank all of the authors and illustrators who took the time and energy to help with this cause. I also want to give a huge shout out to Kate and Linda Sue Park for their amazing and beautiful souls.

In addition to Kid Lit Cares, Kate has shared some other great opportunities both to help Harvey Victims and for Harvey Victims to be helped:

  1. The Texas Library Association is accepting donations to help re-build libraries here.
  2. If you have been affected by Harvey and your classroom or library has lost books, you can sign up to request donations here.

An important note:

kate messner

Kate then goes on to say:

Once schools/libraries have made requests, I’ll share a spreadsheet w/ places to donate new books. More to come as things begin to dry out.

One commenter on Twitter, mentioned that Simon & Schuster was doing a cool thing too! August 29th, they put out this statement:

simon and sch

Another great program that has been bringing some light to Harvey book lovers, is the Facebook group, Hurricane Harvey Book Club. I first learned about this Book Club through my friend, and Texas Librarian, Karyn Lewis. She posted a video of herself reading, Going Places, by Peter & Paul Reynolds. The group, started by  a Texas Elementary Teacher, Kathryn Butler Mills, now has over 67,000 members. Everyday there are new posts by teachers, librarians, authors and just people wanting to help-uploading videos of themselves reading books aloud. If you would like to help make someone in Houston (or the surrounding areas) smile, I encourage you to join this group and post your own video!

While there might be more book-lover efforts out there, I hope these bring some light to your day and encourage you to help Houston in whatever way you can. ❤



❤ Jen in the Bookstore



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