Vroman’s School Fundraisers-Easier Than a Bake Sale!

school-program-dollar-card FRONT

Vroman’s Fundraising Dollar Front

school-program-dollar-card BACK

Vroman’s Fundraising Dollar Back


Hello, hello!!

Recently, school outreach has become one of my jobs. I now get to tell schools all about Vroman’s fundraising opportunities!

One of the ways that I have been doing that, is mailing out these super cool dollars to schools in the area. If you are a teacher and want one (they can be used as bookmarks or just as a friendly reminder of what we do), please let me know! Rob B. from our Book Soup location, was so kind to design them.

See below for Vroman’s School Fundraisers in a nutshell:

• Easy School Fundraisers—Designated shopping weeks where students and their families can shop at Vroman’s and recoup 20% of those sales for the school! No work. No cost to you. A recent school shopping week raised a $1k donation for the school with no work on the school’s part other than promoting to their mailing list!


We are also working on Author Visits!

• Author Visits—Vroman’s hosts author events at your school. The school benefits from literacy programming and recoups a percentage of the book sales!

We realize that some schools already host book fairs and are happy with those events. School fundraisers and author visits can be in addition to what schools are already doing for their annual book fair, providing more income for the school and more ways to get students excited about books.


If you would like more info on either fundraisers, or author visits, please email me! My email can be found on the dollar bill above, but I will jot it down here as well:


I hope to be in touch with you soon!

❤ Jen in the Bookstore


P.S. To stay in the loop about all things teacher-related, please sign up for our Teacher’s Newsletter. You won’t regret it!

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