Oh Hello There! See you at #BookFest?

It’s been awhile, I know.

I don’t have much to tell you, other than to try and explain (to the best of my ability, while sore and tired) how wonderful today at The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was.

Every year I am amazed at just how many book lovers there actually are in LA. While working at Vroman’s through college, increased my love for books, I saw so many of my friends slip away from them. Now, I am constantly being told that people don’t read anymore, or if they do read- it’s on tablets and phones. That books in print, won’t be around much longer.

But how can that be the case? Year after year, it feels like more and more people are coming to Festival. Is it just to see authors? In an age where bookstores and books are supposedly dying, and where Amazon has taken over, could Festival be the only place for the common person to see an author they love? Is that why they come in surges?

No, that can’t be. When I see festival goers with bags FULL of books, or when I can’t even get into my booth, because of the crowds around some of my favorite titles- I know that this is not the case.

So why then?

The truth is, it could be for many reasons: the food, the surroundings, the music, the chance to see an author not usually on tour, the chance to bookstore hop WITHOUT DRIVING, the chance to see diverse or indie publishing houses, the chance to see art drawn right in front of you by a beloved illustrator, to hear grand poetry and then skip over to a booth making journals out of old and classic books. These are the reasons I think people come to Festival.

I know it’s why I do.

The chance to be in a condensed space, with people who love books just as much as I do. People who wear T-shirts celebrating a fictional camp, in a magical world. People who know, without doubt, that those who say books and bookstores are dying, ARE WRONG.

Tomorrow is the last day of #BookFest. It is located at the USC campus, and will be open from 10-5. I hope to see you there!

❤ Jen in the Bookstore


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